AI for social good

What is AI for social good?

“AI for social good” is an event held by Google. Participants try to create a product through an Ideathon and Hackathon. Participants are engineers and entrepreneurs who have plans to adopt AI.

Sorry that I cannot talk and answer about the what I created, because of the right that entrepreneurs have.


I had some interest in the Hackathon, because some of my friends enjoyed it. Plus I wanted to write a machine learning code not only for a practice but for a practical use. Also I was interested in the Ideathon, because I would like to test out my growth through teaching assistant of KOMABA.


This time, facilitator chose a process which is called “Analyzing purpose and means” in the college class. In this process, first we choose an aim. Then we try to come up with an innovative idea. In this process, “Level of abstraction of the aim” is important. I can’t lead our team properly, which made our aim too abstract. This is because I can’t tell our team the reason, which should be with concrete examples!


I really enjoyed it as an engineer. It had been a long time since I last wrote a Python code! I should have preprocessed data faster.

When I saw the Google API, it took my breathe. I’m sure that having knowledge about Google’s API can be useful whatever field I go!


In the place, maybe I was the youngest person. I really enjoyed both of the days feeling a sense of challenger. It was really good experience that I can talk with energetic people!

↑ I got theeeeese yay!



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