Cookpad hackathon

What it is

I was invited to a hackathon opened in cookpad, which is a Japanese food tech company. It is well known as the recipe web site.

What I did and my team did

My team created a web application that recognize the picture of the foods and recommend the recipe whose ingredients are similar to the remaining foods.

I created a code for recipe recommendation. After the system get the information of the remaining foods, it starts searching the recipe information in the cookpad website and then crawl the recipe information.

Evaluation form the staff and What I thought

They said that “Used technology is the best, but I cannot find the future clearly.”

It’s true because we tried to win with the technology’s novelty and effectiveness, so we appealed in terms of the technology in the presentation. However staffs were longed for the idea, they did not talk about it. I thought evaluation criteria puts emphasis on the business side, while it is hackathon not ideathon!! Needless to say, winner is a team that represent how this business flow in the future…

However, I have to reflect some points. First, our team chose the idea too fast to care the affection carefully. Second, we chose the idea based on our strength, picture recognition. We had to discuss it based on purpose.

Evaluated points are right because it is cookpad hackathon. In the situation where better technology is requested like self-driving, ideas must be evaluated on the technology but food market is not like that.

I have to know how projects flow in the real world and what we have to be careful to. I learnt how to come up with ideas and evaluate it in Next I have to learn how to make the idea beautiful in the business world.


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