Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a way to write down what we think by using a picture. It is one of the ways consultants get a consensus.

This is a note that I took in the class about graphic recording.

Graphic Recording

What is important is when to use it. In order to use it properly, we have to consider that graphic could have more implied meanings than the verbal expression. Implied meaning can be dangerous. Consider that you are consultant and you have to get a consensus with a customer. Even if you and the customer think in different ways, implied meanings in the graphic makes customer think that you are right.

However, it is really useful. Graphic makes our communication smoothly by implied meanings. Because it is interpreted depending on our experiences, which gives us more concrete imaginations than the verbal expression does.

In the class that I had, we compare the graphic records with my friends. It is really great experience, because I found out my habit to understand the things.



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