I.school KOMABA

What is i.school KOMABA?

I.school KOMABA is a class in the university of Tokyo. It teaches students how to create a great idea through a workshop. I completed it in the autumn semester in 2017, and have worked as a teaching assistant (TA) in 2018. At first, I had this class because I was interested in the mechanism of the brain when creating a new idea.


As a student

I learnt some ways to create a new idea, “Brain storming”, “Analogy thinking” and  “Analyzing purpose and means”. I also learnt how to evaluate an idea.

After the last class, a party was held for interact with each other. In that party, I talked with a professor and luckily had a chance to visit a research meeting.

In the research meeting, I felt a lack of the knowledge about everything, which was one of the reasons why I started to learn programming skills. Anyway, in the meeting, I was invited to work as a teaching assistant in the class.

As a teaching assistant

In the summer semester 2017, I created a workshop as a main facilitator. I knew nothing at first, so I had a lot of troubles creating it. Other teaching assistants, which includes doctor or master course students, helped me a lot. Through creating a workshop I learnt things below.

  • How to analyze a purpose and means in the idea
  • How to use a different idea for a new idea
  • How to make a presentation ( slide design, time management, etc.)
  • What is a good presentation ( where to see, how to stand, etc.)

In the autumn semester 2017, I have worked as a teaching assistant. This time, I have managed the student’s study. Thinking about the student’s understanding, I create an appropriate homework and 30 minutes presentation every class for reviewing.

I work for it in order to

  • have chance to think about the brain’s system when creating a new idea
  • have better understanding for the way to create a new idea
  • have better skills for presentation.



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