Programming in KALS

What is KALS?

KALS is a small room in the building 17 in Komaba campus, which was built for the active learning.  The teacher, who manage this room, open the space for students who know programming languages. I met him in his class called “Learn programming language in active learning”. Members create a system for a new learning style in college. Anyway, it was so lucky for me to participate this activity, because I could acquire a lot of skills and make friends who have same interest.

What I did in KALS 

From February 2018 to March 2018

I learnt Ruby on Rails. Rails is a little complicated system, so I have some troubles to learn it. However, my friends help me to learn it.

We worked for creating a system for sharing a note in the college class. This project has been stopped because of the lack of designers…

From April 2018 to May 2018

I studied the mathematics in the pattern recognition with my friends who has interest in the artificial intelligence. I made a presentation for a CNN, Kernel function, SVM, recommendation system, and RNN.

Here are part of cords that I used for presentation.

From June 2018 to September 2018

I was aware of a distribution of information of the university of Tokyo. Centralization of an information clearly needs to be done. For the first step, we have to make a service that everyone uses. It will not be web services but smart phone apps. So I started to learn a new programming language, Swift, which is used for making an iOS Apps.

I had a friend who have written an iOS Apps, so I made an App with him. We made a timetable App, so that everyone can use.

First, I gathered a class information in the University of Tokyo from a web syllabus. I wrote a cord with python, which I had used for learning a machine learning. Then we wrote a cord for connecting with an online databases, and a search system.

Unfortunately, because of lack of time, we could not finish the all tasks before the release of the syllabus of the autumn semester 2018. We will make it before the summer semester in 2019!

Anyway this(↓below) is a progress. Almost all systems are written. Things that must be done is making it a useful design and accessible from other size devices. (Now, it is only used by iPhone 6,7, and 5).

this is a timetable

this is a search system

when search system is active



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