HAIT S Class

What is HAIT S Class?

HAIT is a community in which we can learn the artificial intelligence. S class is a short source that HAIT has. I passed through the selection, and I could be the member of that course in the spring vacation 2018. Through the course, we learnt how to use Scikit-learn and Chainer, which is an open source for deep learning framework.

What I learnt

I could acquire a skill for analyzing a data using python cord. I learnt how to make the fitting curve for data. I also learnt how to make machine judge what is in the given image. I thought that AI is like the human brain, which can recognize anything automatically. However, AI can not do it. AI needs the data for learning which must be preprocessed by human. This preprocessing is the cause of  AI’s ambiguity.

What I want to say is that this imperfections does not mean AI is not useful. Suppose that engineers made a model for diagnosing lung cancer from X-ray image. If the model were perfect, that would help doctor diagnose it. This will decrease the number of patients misdiagnosed. AI will not replace humans, in the near future, but it will greatly help the humans’ life.

For Next Step

I thought that this skill would be useful when I get older. Whatever field I go, I would have the opportunity to analyze some data. It must be the time for using it.

I started to have an interest in the mathematics in the AI, because I wondered how it works.



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