Why I chose informational science

In the university of Tokyo, students must choose their major when they are sophomore summer. I chose department of informational science for three reasons.

First, I wanted to learn a basic knowledge about computer. It includes “how computer moves”, “algorithmic thinking”, “application of mathematics”, etc, which will be useful whatever field I go.

Second, I wanted to have professional knowledge and ability. As I mentioned before, my goal of the college life is to have a sophisticated knowledge that I can applicate to the social problems. Department of information science is better place in terms of specification than other similar departments.

Third, I find hope in the informational science. Nowadays, computers are one of the most efficient parts in the society, which means everything can more or less have relationships with computers. I hope I could be contributory to solve the social problems by using knowledge around computers.

These are the reasons why I chose it. I will do my best and enjoy the rest of my college life:)



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