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Thank you for entering this website. I’m so happy to see you. I have some requests for you.

1. This website is like a blog, and I am a non-native English speaker. Please let me do some grammatical mistakes and incorrect choices of words.

2. If you have some objections to my article, you should contact me with sources, which can be one’s experience or one’s theory. If you obey this rule, I can broaden my mind. Also, we may reach the new sophisticated knowledge.

3. Please enjoy the change of my thought.



This page was built for two purposes.

First, I wanted to summarize the knowledge which I learn as a student. Without summarizing it, I could not be a person that applies specific knowledge or the framework of it to social problems, which is my goal of college life.

Second, I wanted to share my thought, which was written on notebooks. I have written the notebooks since I was 15 in order to let my future child have a better life. I hope this web page will also be a present for him or her.



David Brooks says in his book, “The Road to Character”, there are two sides of our nature, Adam 1 and Adam 2 (Eve doesn’t get a look in and Brooks has little interest in the notion that “character” might be gender-sensitive.) Adam 1 is stuffed with “resumé virtues” (as in curriculum vitae). Adam 1 wants to build, create, produce, win and appear high status. Adam 2 has the “eulogy virtues” – the warm remarks said over our coffin that enable a person to “do good and be good”. Adam 2 knows that “in order to fulfill yourself, you have to forget yourself. In order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself”. The two Adams are always in conflict.

(from: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/apr/20/the-road-to-character-review-david-brooks)

I read the book in the summer vacation in 2018 and reexamined my life. The word, “Adam1 and Adam2” is clearly verbalize what was unclear in my mind. I often question not a few friends’ attitudes toward their life; whose action always not for their interest but for the curriculum vitae. Sometimes, I am also the part of that kind of people, but do not want to be. On this page, I will try to pay attention not only to Adam1 but also to my other half, Adam2. This page will focus on the reason, “Why I did this”, in order to make me do everything not only for “resumé virtues”.


At the end 

As the ancient philosopher said, “everything flows”. Affected by something, my thought is also changing. I will try to do my best for a better life.




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